Andrew Jackson My Zero

Madison Webb

The Trail of Tears

As part of Jackson's removal policy, the Cherokee tribe was forced to give up their land in Georgia and move to Oklahoma. Now you might think this is bad enough, but even after the Natives had won in the court case that said weather or not they had to move Jackson still kicked them out of their rightful land. The trail of tears earned its name because of the starvation, death and, disease carried along the way. Not to mention the only reason Jackson ripped the natives from their land was because the land was great for growing cotton, yeah that's totally a reason for kicking people out of the land they've owned for thousands of years, right?

The spoils Stystem

Andrew Jackson our beloved president used a system called the spoils system where he offered some random people (who probably knew nothing about politics) a spot in government as long as they voted for him and as long as he became president. so therefor our oh so great president Andrew Jackson had to get rid of people that were already had jobs in government, that they rightfully deserved, and then replaced them with a bunch of random people that voted for him. Nice job Jackson we're all so proud of you.

The Nullification Crisis

Tariff; A tax or duty to be paid on a particular class of imports or exports. The tariffs were placed so that the Americans would only buy american products, but when our dear president Andrew Jackson came around he added taxes to the stuff shipped to the south not high enough to make them want to buy Europeans products but just high enough to where he would get more money. as a result of the extra taxes the southerners decided to nullify the taxes believing they had that right. the southerners threatened to leave the U.S and congress put in the force bill which gave Jackson the right to put the entire military at their doorstep, but knowing our good old Jackson as his own little cherry on top he threatened to kill the governor/ vice president if they left. There for the south handed over their taxes immediately.

The National Bank Disaster

Jackson believed the national banks were unconstitutional(yeah like he wasn't) so after being elected for the second time he attacked the banks. when the charter for the second national bank was put up for presidential approval Jackson vetoed the bill.

Cherokee vs. New Government

We had won in the court of law so that night we held a celebration only to be woke in the morning being told that we must pack our bags and start walking to Oklahoma. It is true we had guns and weapons but we wanted peace and did not want to shed any more native blood. we took off it was horrible to watch my friends die of disease and starvation and when they died they did not have proper burial services it was truly devastating when we finally arrived in our new home we were not greeted kindly. Even after we set up our new home some still died and some still are and now it is my turn.

We were granted new jobs in government though its true not all of us knew exactly how to work in government and not all of us deserved this job, but we will do our best. I've found out that Jackson kicked out some of the people that originally worked here i guess that means Jackson kept his promise to us.