L'école Charlemagne

Quarterly Update: March Edition

Le printemps est arrivé...

Bonjour les familles!

Already, the spring months are upon us despite the lingering winter snow! I'm looking forward to an eventful spring, with several exciting school and community events ahead.

Just as the natural world erupts into bloom this time of year, so do students' French language skills. Students' hard work and perseverance begin to pay off and we see great gains as students expand their vocabularies, make language connections and use French contextually to express themselves. Truly, it is a joy to watch connections happen every day in new ways.

Of course, there's much more to building language skills than grammar practice. Students work in four different domains: reading and listening, writing and speaking. Underscoring all of these language components is learning about culture, essential for communication. The more students know and understand about culture, the more context and experience they gain with the French language.

The Francophone world is a rich mosaic of history, traditions, and different ways of knowing a language. As a result, a dynamic relationship between language and culture is always at play in our classrooms. Through exploration, students develop a deeper awareness of language and the importance of intercultural communication, skills that are enhanced by the number of French speakers we have from around the world in our school.

A deeper understanding of culture encourages respect for differences, develops tolerance and flexibility, expands world views, and can lead to an appreciation of cultural diversity and greater understanding, all vital skills students need in our century as they move out into the world with a second-- and in some cases third-- language.

This spring, we hope you are witness to the same blossoming we see in your students as they continue to learn and grow in our French immersion setting!

Charlemagne's Annual Soirée

Friday, April 12th, 6pm

999 Willamette Street

Eugene, OR

I'm so looking forward to my first ever Soirée! All the information you need is available on our website: http://charlemagne.4j.lane.edu/get-involved/fundraisers/annual-charlemagne-soiree/.

Come prepared for an elegant evening... I'm told this is an event not to be missed! The pre-event ticket sale is going on now.

I've been hearing about Soirée since I was at Eugene International High School at South in the early 2000's and now more than ever, understand how important Soirée is to sustaining our program at its current levels-- including hosting our Amity interns and hiring additional classified staff. Let's toast the success of our school and the support of our community... see you at Soirée!