MyPlate - Seth Loock

Why this website will help you make healthier choices.

What is it?

This website gives the 5 main categories of food with include: dairy, protein, grains, fruits, and vegetables. You can then click one of the groups and it will list all the foods that are made of that type of category. For example you click protein and it will list things like eggs and chicken.

Also it gives you facts about nutrients needed for the day and how to stay healthy through physical activity.

How to stay healthy with physical activity.

Physical activity- It simply means to move your body and use energy and to get health benifits it should be done moderate or vigourously. Examples would be riding a bike, walking, running, lifting weights, dancing and sports. MyPlate gives you all the reasons why physical activity is important which include: living longer, more self confidence, decrease depression, sleep well and have stronger muscles. If you aren't physicaly active you can get heart disease, have highblood pressure and even have a stroke.

It also gives you the amount of physical activity someone needs. Adults need about 2 hours and 30 min every week which is about 20 min a day. Children through adolesence need about 60 min a day this helps you stay in shape and reduce the risk of injury and has many health benefits and listed earlier.

  • Reasons this site is beneficial

    This site is beneficial because it gives you the facts on how much nutrients you need and how much of a certain type of food you need every day. It can track you calories and can tell you what you need to do to stay in shape with physical activity.