Quarterly news from SPOT

Strongsville Positive Outreach Team

Goal of SPOT

SPOT is dedicated to help lead and create opportunities for appreciation and building morale and trust within the district. However, we came to the realization that being positive and improving your work environment is truly up to each individual as well. We all should be proud of our district and students as well as the extra effort we put in each and every day as we strive to always be better....together.

We are always accepting new members. Our next meeting is February 4th at 4:00 in the new administrative offices, formerly Zellers Elementary school. If you have any ideas for what you would like to see or something you think SPOT should do, let a committee member know.

Holiday Party

The first annual SPOT Holiday Family party was a success. It was so nice to get to see different people from throughout the district come together to celebrate the holidays. This year we had crafts for the children to do, a magician, and even Santa came for a visit! Thank you to all who wore jeans and donated to help defray the cost of this party.

SPOT Award.... You have been SPOTTED!

SPOT would like to begin an employee recognition award in which you can nominate your peers for the SPOT Award...You have been SPOTTED! This is meant for those who are exhibiting Supportive, Positive, Outstanding, and Team Player behavior. Ultimately we are a group of people who want work to be a collaborative and positive place. When people are in a good SPOT, students will benefit. To access the nomination form, click here.