The Eiffle Tower

By: Haylee Allen

That Story Of The Eiffle Tower

The Eiffle Tower Journey started on January 28th 1887. The tower had 132 worker and 2.5 million rivets connect all the iron pieces. The tower had 4 leve's. Gustave Eiffle, you mite know him as a builder in Pais but the "Eiffle" Tower was named after him.

Facts about the Eiffle Tower

As you may know the Eiffle Tower is in Paris Freans. In 1889's World Far Million's of people came to see the Eiffle Tower, even today miilons of people come there some come on there hunymoons tol. In 1940 Hitler tuck over Paris and the Eiffle Tower was in this hands. Soon after WW 2 was over paris want back to their normal lives, which is loving the Eiffle Tower. Today the Eiffle Tower is 1,063 feet tall, and if your wondoring the Eiffle Tower tock 2 years, 2 months, and 5 days, i know thats a long time.