Healthy isn't just for adults

Teens can live the Healthy life too

Get a Nack for Healthy Snacks

Snacks are the easiest way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Blueberries, are among the super foods. Although they may seem like a boring fruit, mix some blueberries into a mixture with other fruits that you like for a mixture your sure to love. For an even more delicious recipe, add a layer of yogurt under your fruit.

"A healthy attitude can be contagious!" - Tom Stoppard

Take the Challenge!

Teens should get an hour of exercise everyday. Exercise may seem like a bore and waste of your time, but not when you take the TV Workout Challenge. For every TV show you watch, google '(The name of your TV show) Workout'. TV Workouts are lists that force you to perform an exercise everything a certain event occurs in your TV show. This way, you are distracted by your TV show while you are exercising!