Basic Guide To Gas Safety Check

Basic Guide To Gas Safety Check

The gas safety check will be carried out on all kinds of gas appliances and gas fittings by a professional Gas Safe Registered engineer. After proper inspection of all gas appliances, they grant a standard gas safety certificate with a gas safe register logo. The gas safety check is not only needed by landlords, tenants or letting agents but also need for commercial premises such as complexes, malls, skyscrapers, industries and factories.

A gas safety certificate contains the following information:

· Engineer's gas safe identification number

· The complete address of the property

· A list of all gas appliances in the property

· The place where all those gas appliances situated

· A list of any remedial action needed

Emission of some harmful gases like carbon monoxide is not only dangerous but hazardous to people and surroundings. So gas safety check is essential by authorised companies to save yourself from future disaster. If your any appliance fails a gas safety check, it will be disconnected on the support and labelled to say that it’s not safe to work. In this case don’t use that appliance until it has been fixed by a professional.

If you’re a gas customer and a homeowner, we may be able to offer you a complete gas safety check by our expert gas safe engineers. At G.A.S (Guaranteed Appliance Servicing), our team of certified engineers will inspect, fix and service all your gas appliances and gas fittings in short span of time. We can carry out all types of Gas repair and maintenance service such as Gas Boiler Repair, Gas Cooker Repair, Fires, Water Heater, and Central Heating Radiators Repairs at the best possible price.