Purple Table


play dough

craft sticks



Material Justification

We picked craft sticks because it would be hard like a real road and the cars could drive easily on it. We also used craft sticks for the ramps. The craft sticks are hard like the road. They are also stable. Pipe cleaners would be a bad idea for the road because it would bend easily and we would have had to start over again because it would have bent. If we used something like pipe cleaners the fuzz would also make the cars get stuck. The play dough would have been bumpy for a road. We picked the cups to lift the road up. The cups were the biggest thing to pick, and they have a large base and a small top making them sturdy. The tape held everything together because it is sticky.

Improvements for the Future

A future bridge would have guard rails to keep cars from falling off the bridge or ramp. We also would make a wider road so cars don't fall off easily. We could also make a wider base with more cups and use pipe cleaners and tape to connect the cups together. We would like to add lights. We would make lights out of yellow gum drops or we if we wanted them to work for real we could use small light bulbs, a light bulb holder, a battery, and wires attached to the battery and light holder. We could also use glow sticks for light. It would also be good to glue the craft sticks down so they are not wobbly.

Our Group

Miss Celeste Laci Nicole Synder

Miss Emma Grace Lane

Miss Nadia Daniela Waqas

Mr. Owen Michael Arnold