Mueller braces and supports

A person can purchase braces over the counter

Signs a Person is Using the Wrong Support or Brace

There are some situations where a person’s physician will prescribe a brace to provide support for a specific joint. These are typically recommended for recovery after an injury or after surgery to help with healing. The doctor will also provide specific instructions on how to use the brace. The important thing to understand is that, with any knee braces and supports or braces and supports for other parts of the body, the ultimate goal is to wean off using it and return to full, normal function.

Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t rely on their doctor for these braces and, instead, turn to over-the-counter options. This isn’t a smart choice. Keep reading to find out why.

Over-the-Counter Braces and Supports

A person can purchase braces over the counter for joint pain of the ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, hand, and even postural bracing for the back. There are braces offered that are extremely expensive, while others are relatively affordable. If the goal of using these braces is temporary pain relief, then the devices are helpful. However, they can also cause adverse effects on the part of the body that was injured and even make the problem worse as time passes. This is why using one of these braces permanently isn’t a smart solution when compared to the permanence and long-term success of physical therapy. Also, these braces are extremely hot, bulky, and can be quite uncomfortable to wear.

Why Braces Shouldn’t be Worn for Long Periods of Time

Braces are typically somewhat effective for use on a temporary basis during the injury recovery process. However, since they are going to be doing the work of a person’s large and small muscles, using them for a prolonged period of time can be extremely problematic. This is because a person will begin to use the brace as the primary support system for the joint that is injured rather than their own muscles. This can eventually cause serious issues to their skeletal system. After all, as a muscle weakens due to disuse, reduced joint stabilization will occur.

The best way to prevent these issues is by using the proper Mueller braces and supports. There are several to choose from with each one having very specific pros and cons. A doctor or physician can help a person determine what they need as well as how and when it should be used. This will prevent the negative effects that may otherwise occur.