Castaic Coaches Corner

April 2019

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Welcome New Coyote Coaches

  • Tony Uebelhardt - Football
  • Taylor Schubert - Girls Volleyball
  • Meri Martinez Hunter - Cross Country
  • Maysen Bagge - Cheer
  • Levi Wenrich - Boys Basketball
  • Charise Hall - Girls Basketball
  • Adam Yassaman - Boys Soccer
  • Darrell Davis - Baseball
  • Eric Johnson and Charise Hall - Track and Field
  • Greg Morse - Swim
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First Year Budget

Eastbay will be our vendor for athletic equipment and apparel. Our representative, Erwin, will be contacting each of you to discuss your equipment and apparel needs and wants. Once you have met with him then he will send me the quotes.

I will also need to meet with each of you during the summer to complete the budgets for years 2-4. We have money for reusable apparel for years 2-4.

We will have online stores created for every sport. I will work with each of you to make the online store a viable fundraiser to help cover tournament fees, transportation fees, etc.

You can contact Erwin Paulino at (818) 826-9310 or

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Coach Clearance with Kari

Please make sure that you have completed the following paperwork with Kari so that you are eligible to coach in summer:

  • Coaching packet
  • Payroll packet (if you are not a district employee)
  • Fingerprinting

This can be a lengthy process so please complete all of this by June 1st. Contact Kari at (661) 259--0033 ext. 451 or if you have questions.

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Parent Information Meetings

Parents and students are very excited about Castaic HS and athletics. I highly suggest holding a parent meeting to keep the enthusiasm rolling, hand out necessary paperwork, discuss your guidelines, and introduce them to the online stores.

We are happy to find you a location at the district office to hold your meeting at as well as help with your handouts. Please let me know if you need some guidance as to what to include in your handouts.

Maysen has been proactive and has already scheduled a parent meeting. I suggest being a follower in this instance. Lol

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Summer Sports Camp

Please work with Jibri and Mark to set up your summer camps. I would like to have our schedule posted by May 15 (at the latest)so please let them know, asap, specific dates and times that you want to hold your summer camps. We will not be able to use our site this summer as the finishing touches will be put on the fields. We will be using Castaic Middle School or Castaic Sports Complex. I apologize that we won't be at the site, but we want it to be perfect when we open.

We will have the online stores open and available to students as of June 17th. This will be your spirit packs and necessary apparel that they will need for summer camp, such as a practice jerseys. This information will need to be shared at your parent meetings so that students are ready to hit the ground running. Please let me know if you have any questions.