August News!!!

On the heels of Hoopla - Let's Promote this Fall!!!

Let's ROCK this FALL!!!!

OMG...the mid summer rally ROCKED! I love that so many of you came to share the SD joy!!! Now it is time to put that energy into action!! I am attaching the coaching worksheet here: Please email to me this week! I am here to help you achieve your goal at your pace; I of course encourage everyone to get a little uncomfortable this fall trying to achieve STAR so we can (skinny) dip in the Family Bonus Pool in 2015 & will be so worth it! This goal sheet will allow me to see where I can can help you. Also, let me know your Glam Getaway Goals - I am going for Level 4!!!! WAHOOOO!!!!! I can do it!!!! I LOVE this Glam Calculator - it leaves no room for surprises!

Who likes an incentive????? Quickstart Bingo!!!!

Remember my Quickstart Bingo dance from my mid summer rally??? Well it is time to bust a move. If you have already WON the Quickstart, well aren't you special...your name is in the drawing!!! For every row completed, boom, name in. Blackout, I buy you a pony (kidding). Jeesum I forget I don't know some of you very well and you might be like - where the heck is my pony??? - Here is what I have: 10 prizes values at $50 or MORE. Some gift certificates to C Wonder, some to spas in your hometown (Belladonna here in NOLA, somewhere swanky in your town too!), a few valued at $100 like a GC to Saks!!! Drawings will be held on 9/3. I will post updates via FB but I need everyone - even if you have already won the bonus prize from HO - fill out your squares - it is like Christmas in August over here!!! So let's BLOW AUGUST OUT. Book two new shows this week - this is your homework and share the opportunity with two people! BAM. Pony. Just like that. Here is the BINGO and the qualifications. POST PICS IN FB!!!
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Finale...A few links I think are important!

Blythe's product webinar from Hoopla: I don't miss this at the start of each collection launch. I swear this is why my TS averages are above $1000. I share product knowledge and help layer looks based on Blythe's presentation:

One more: Don't forget all about our amazing new associate stylist level!!! AMAZING and how we are rewarding stylists AND sponsors with wait for it - $500 each in free product if they promote a stylist to associate stylist in their jumpstart!!! OMG - we literally never have to buy product AGAIN!!! Watch here to learn about this new level and PLEASE read the new jumpstart guide and compensation plan in your lounge (also in community) THIS MONTH. Please ask me any questions afterwards or if you would like to schedule a coffee or a call to review any questions, I am here for you! THIS HAS REVOLUTIONIZED how we will be compensated!!! Pinch me we are soooo lucky!!!!