February 1, 2016

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2/2/16 - Posting Window Opens

2/3/16 - State-Wide Severe Weather Drill

2/3/16 - 2 Hour Early Release

2/3/16 - Grades Due

2/5/16 - Progress Reports Sent Home - Print detailed Progress Report for students who are failing your class

Great Thoughts On Differentiation

When planning for differentiation in your classroom, consider the following two questions:

1- What need are you meeting?

2- How did you identify that need?

Answering the first question should help you decide if what you are doing is truly differentiation. The change/support you are providing should be purposeful for specific students or groups of students that demonstrate a specific need.

The second question should help you to determine if the need is truly a need. This is your “data”. It may be observational data, conversational data, quick ticket out the door, informal data, or hard test/quiz score data. No matter what, there should be some “data” that supports the idea that there is a need for students that you are meeting.

The strategy (process, product, content) you put in place for those students is your differentiation.

Not all lessons will be appropriate for differentiation if no needs are identified.

Electronic Sign-In

Watch the video below for a tutorial. I will share more during our early release faculty meeting. For this week, try it out in the mornings. You will sign in using your employee ID #. If you need your #, see Tracey. Let me know of any glitches, problems, questions, concerns.
Electronic sign-in

Letting the "why" lead the way....

We have talked about how our "why" should drive the decisions we make. This is a book review that I stumbled upon that talks about how our "why" can drive others to dig deeper and inspire motivation. I hope you enjoy!



Professional learning will take place on Friday. You will be learning about USA Test Prep. This is a great way to provide some additional support to all students as we move closer to testing season!

USATestprep Spot Commercial

Happy Birthday!

I missed some birthdays this past week, so I brought in a special friend to sing you a song! Lo siento!


21 - Vaughn Irby

28 - Sandra Floyd

Happy Birthday Hippo Rap

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