A Healthy Stream

By Dan Hamilton and Jacob Jasniok

This is a example of a healthy stream (what it should look like)

A healthy stream

Measuring water quality is extremely important in checking a stream's health. Water-quality experts have seen what levels of chemicals and microbes in stream water are healthy for a particular use, such as drinking, recreating, irrigating, or supporting fish. These safe levels have been adopted by state and federal governments as water-quality standards. If water quality in a stream is measured and compared to those standards, the health of the stream as it relates to that particular use can be determined.

Read more: http://www.waterencyclopedia.com/St-Ts/Stream-Health-Assessing.html#ixzz3HOeyR4fS
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Here are more examples/characteristics of a healthy stream:

-Oxygen levels

-Life (what lives in the water)

-No pollutants what so ever (no trash/sewage/scraps)

A Healthy Stream