Ontario Helmet Laws

New laws proposed

What is the problem?

  • Cyclists over the age of 18 are not mandated by law to wear a safety helmet while riding on public roadways
  • According to Stats Canada, less than 50% of cyclists choose to wear a bicycle helmet

Why should I wear a helmet?

  • In 2010, over 26,000 people in Ontario visited an Emergency Department for treatment regarding an injury from a bicycle accident - 129 of those incidents resulted in a fatality
  • Studies show that wearing a properly fitted helmet can reduce the risk of severe injury and death by up to 69%
  • Research shows that helmets can be extremely effective in preventing head injuries as 75% of all bicycle related fatalities involves a head injury

The Intended Outcome

Safety on Ontario's Roads

When cyclists are sharing the road with motor vehicles, accidents are always an indefinite possibility. It is important for cyclists to utilize safety helmets as it is an extra measure of personal protection while cycling for pleasure or using a bicycle as daily transportation.

A new helmet law for adults will come into effect in 60 days, mandating all cyclists to wear helmets while riding on public roadways. The Government of Ontario is committed to the safety of all Ontarians, and thus creating a law for the universal use of safety helmets for cyclist of all ages. As a cyclist, you will have 60 days to purchase a safety helmet before the law comes into effect. Failure to comply with this law after the 60 day period will result in fines as listed below:

Tax credits are available for the purchase of safety helmets.