My Hispanic Family

by Nely Carbajal


I have a pretty big family. I'm blessed with one sister and two terrible twin brothers and one older brother. We all live with my mom. My mom is an amazing and a strong woman. She dedicates her life to me and my family. She encourages us to live the christian family live. And loves God above all things! She teaches me how to grow my faith in God and helps me with all my doubts! I also have a dog named Max. He is a Golden Retriever and cares a lot over people, especially his family. He is very protective. We moved from Florida about four years ago and we are currently living in Huntsville, Texas. I love my family and I'm blessed to have them.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory is when I was 12 and I received my first phone. i felt as if i was the only one with a phone! It was an amazing feeling!

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Favorite Animal :)

My favorite animal are penguins. They just look so friendly and cuddly. I don't know that much stuff about them, but if i could be any animal i would be a penguin!

Favorite Hobby

My favorite hobby is playing soccer and playing on my piano. I've been playing soccer for a many years and i have recently decided to start playing the piano as well. I also have many things and plans in life.