Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

March 29, 2018

Career Standard Artifacts

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, school entities will report student-level data for the Career Readiness Indicator in the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS). To help ensure that all students in Pennsylvania are on track for meaningful post-secondary engagement and success, the Department of Education has included a measure of students’ career exploration, preparation, and readiness as part of Pennsylvania’s state and federal accountability system. The Career Readiness Indicator recognizes efforts to ensure that all students have access to career exploration and preparation activities that are standards-aligned and evidence-based, including the development of career plans and portfolios that help students identify pathways and opportunities for post-secondary success.

This information was just given to all schools, although I did anticipate some form of accountability which is why we have been conducting career activities during homeroom sessions this year. However, the state has mandated that for the 2017/2018 school year all 8th grade students must demonstrate their career exploration via a portfolio of 2 artifacts from this school year by May 19, 2018. Full implementation of the program will start during the 2018/2019 school year, all 8th grade students will be required to have a portfolio of 6 artifacts.

School entities are responsible for reporting individual student data into PIMS to verify the career readiness benchmark was met by each individual student by the end of grades 5, 8, and 11. Verification of student artifact documentation may also be requested during audits conducted by the state.

This year in order to meet the guidelines and the short time fame, we will be using Naviance Career Key which the guidance counselors have used during Homeroom with students. Also special education students have also used this program. We are gathering the information currently to determine who still in 8th grade will need to complete the program. This is our first artifact we will have on file.

The second artifact will be a Middle School Career Plan survey. I will be creating a simple Google form for students to complete in 8th grade so we can have their plan on file.

Unfortunately, the timing is now perfect with the start of PSSA's but we cannot predict when the state will do anything. We just have to roll with it! We will work on a plan to collect artifacts starting next year at all grade levels that will be simple and easy so that by the time our students get to grade 8 we will have all 6 complete.

I would like for you to use your PLT time to have your students complete the program. We only need grade 8 students but we can have all students complete and be one step ahead for next year! I will send to each grade level in an email a list of students who need to complete the Career Key program.

If you have any questions about the requirement, please feel free to let me know! If you have any questions about Naviance the program please talk with Fallon or Lauren.

I thank you in advance for your help to get all students to submit these forms so we can mark all students compliant and meet the requirement for the state.

Quarter 3 Progress Reports:

The directions that Aly emailed are attached to the newsletter. Please remember they are slightly different than the semester grades but the same as quarter 1.

When we return after spring break, teachers can use homeroom, PLC, and PLT to continue to grade and enter grades into Sapphire on Thursday.

Friday, April 6 teachers will be given time during the asynchronous PD time to finish grading and adding grades to Sapphire.

The grading window and Sapphire should be open today through April 9th.

Progress reports will be published on Friday, April 13th.

Spring Break

Just a reminder that spring break starts tomorrow, Friday March 30! I will see you back in class on Thursday, April 5, 2018.


  • If you have not completed the PSSA Training online, please do so immediately.
  • No school - March 30 - April 5
  • Half day schedule April 6/ PD for teachers in afternoon
  • PSSA testing starts week of April 9
  • If you have not submitted your PSSA class plan to your principal, please do so immediately
  • Thank you to everyone who took time to complete the survey to help plan for next year. I do not want to survey everyone out... but will be sending another one to gather input to help me to improve as a principal/educational leader.

Thank you!!

I just want to say that I have been in to see many recordings of teachers and there are so many things that I see that are awesome!! The creativity that I am seeing in the classroom is awesome!

We are doing great things in the middle school and are data is showing it. I will be sharing some interesting information that I have reviewed once we get through the PSSA's, but know that although it might appear that what you are doing is not working..... it is making a difference!! Keep up the great work!!

One final thing.... I do listen and care....

I am working on next year's schedule and I have heard your concerns and survey comments..... I have removed homeroom from next year. I have also added 10 minutes between classes and I am restructuring PLT. I can't speak to the structure at this time but please know that Colleen and I are working hard to make it effective and student focused. Once I know the schedule is complete and ready I will share with everyone. Have a good break!