Game On!

Join Our March Madness Fun at the Media Center

You are invited to "go for the fast break" on Friday March 14!

Come with your team or go for the single shot anytime between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. We will have basketball treats and idea stations to score big as we move forward in our final quarter. "Hit the floor" with new digital tools, access to e books though Destiny, valuable resources to engage your students, and more.

E Books are Here!

Explore digital titles available through our very own Destiny catalog. We have a collection of nonfiction titles in which 26 students can view one book at the same time as well as additional nonfiction and fiction titles that can be viewed in computer browsers or down loaded to devices.

NBC Learn- Writers Speak to Kids

Students can hear from published writers about their writing process. This segment is only a small part of this great resource our district subscribes to.