Lord of the Flies

Final Project

Ralph and Jack's Governments

Ralph's government closely resembles a democracy. Oxford defines a democracy as "Control of an organization or group by the majority of its members."
Jack's government closely resembles a dictatorship. Oxford defines a dictatorship as "a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force."

My Government

If I was on the island, I would have a monarchy set up. I would have a select few close to me as second in commands to be my executives and carry out the laws and punishments, and the rest of the group would be omegas who listen to the rules we make if and only if it's fair to everyone. Otherwise it is the people's job to take a stand, make it known that they have been treated unfairly, and start a catalyst to change.

1. To start, I am in charge. Without me abusing my power, any actions against me will be treason.
2. I will designate second in commands. These people will carry out my rules and the punishments that come with disobedience.
3. My second in commands can be replaced/rotated. This will be done because of disloyalty or unrest in the rest of the people.
4. Though the majority will not be part of this hierarchy, they still have a say. When rules are passed, concerns can be shared. If nothing is shared the first time the rule is set in place, it's invalid unless the second in commands and I see the issue ourselves.
5. The people still hold power! If I abuse my power as monarch, they can first speak to me or my second in commands, and then overthrow me if nothing is done. It is up to them to decide whether or not the current system is working; however, if it's working for the majority, then obedience is expected.
6. Punishments for disobedience will start light but escalate quickly. First time offense will be public shaming (peer pressure sort of thing). Five offenses means no food. Any more than five can result in beatings or longer fasting. Rebellion will not be tolerated.
7. To properly explain an abuse of power, the masses must talk to the second in commands and cite examples of things I have done as a monarch that prove I abuse my power. For example, not giving someone food because they were mean to me is an abuse of power; this by itself can be called out and corrected, however if there are three or more examples, a new monarch can be set in place.
8. There will be no riots or aggressive rebellions. There's no need. All issues will be solved by talking; if anyone is acting violent, they will be tied up until they are under control again. Purposeful injuries will be severely punished.
9. The most important thing of our government is working together and fixing things. Issues will be resolved through compromise. Though I have the final say in everything, I must have sound reasoning and explain my thought process so everyone knows why rules are going into place.
10. Any food that is gathered will immediately be brought back to the group and divided among everyone. If anyone is caught eating part of their catch before they bring it back, they will be forced to fast. The whole is more important than one.
11. The injured or sick will always be given food and water first. Any violation will be punished with fasting.
12. Any disagreements will be settled between the two with an objective second in command present. Again, the whole is more important than individuals, and people who are unable to work together need to resolve their differences. Not everyone needs to like everyone, but respect and acceptance isn't expected, it's demanded.


The English Civil Wars are good examples of in fighting. They went on from 1642 to 1651 and involved England, Ireland and Scotland. The war was started because of an issue between Charles I and Parliament. Nearly 200,000 people died to fighting or because of war-related diseases in England alone; this number was higher in Scotland and even higher in Ireland. This was the last civil war fought on English soil. Government regained control of England and shut down any people who were against the king (History.com).

Current Political Conflict

A current example of people vs government is the protests/riots that happened in Ferguson and are now occurring in Baltimore. In this example, African Americans are upset by what they perceive as an abuse of power from the police after unarmed African Americans have been shot, choked, or beaten to death. Three of the most powerful examples are Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray.These deaths have sparked national outcry for changes in the policing policies, including a strong push for body cameras to be worn by police officers at all times. The police has claimed that the force they've used has been completely necessary and that no brutality had taken place. The police has been trying to break up the riots and is currently arresting as many rioters as they can in Baltimore. The police has the strength of the power they hold over their areas, but the people have the strength of numbers. It'll be interesting to see what is resolved from this.

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