The Zipper

a history of this interesting device........

Zipper Info

Zippers are a commonly used device, made to bind the edges of an opening fabric or other materials.They are used for clothes, luggage, other bags, camping gear e.t.c. Whitcomb L. Judston was an American engineer in Chicago, he was the first to conceive with the idea and to make a zipper that worked. The person who was behind the workings of a zipper was actually Gideon Sundback in 1913. When the zipper was first made it was known as the "Hookless Fastener", as the hookless fastener improved it was renamed "The Zipper".

More zipper Info

The modern zipper has been made more reliable than the first ever zippers, when the zipper was first made it was based on interlocking teeth but, with newer zippers they have colours, styles and are a lot stronger. With many garments including jeans and jackets, the zippers job is to close up the open spaces in the material. The long material that the zipper goes along is called the "Slider", the slider allows the zipper to travel along it until it reaches the bottom.
From being a small idea used rarely, the zipper has come to be a commonly used device, that we use in every day life.