TPACK and Problem Based Learning


Knowledge is to be explored and shared

Throughout our WIPROSTEM journey we have noticed a recurring theme,

knowledge is to be shared.

Gone are the days where an employee works alone on a single task. Students will be challenged in ways yet to be discovered. Our job as educators is prepare them with the skills to think creatively, critically, and transfer the knowledge they possess.

With our resources and ready-to use-activities you will be able to incorporate Problem Solving in your classroom today!

We will cover the following ideas:

  • Merge technology, pedagogy, and content to create engaging, meaningful learning experiences for their students;

  • Implement instructional activities to assist students build knowledge while using a variety of problem-based learning strategies that includes exploration, risk-taking and sharing.

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5 attributes Problem solvers need:




Breadth of Knowledge

A sense of Wonder.

Leaders and resourcesin PBL; Look them up!

Shelagh A. Gallagher, Ph.D.

John R. Savery

Mark A. Albanese, Ph.D

Diana F. Wood

D.A. Kilroy

Problem-Based Learning Faculty Institute

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning

Articles and Books to Check Out!

Using the TPACK Framework: You Can Have Your Hot Tools and Teach with Them, Too. by Punya Mishra and Matthew Koehler

Problem Based Learning: An Instructional Model and Its Constructive Framework by John R. Savery and Thomas M. Duffy

Count Down: Six Kids Vie for Glory at the World's Toughest Math Competition by Steve Olson

Art and Craft of Problem Solving by Paul Zeitz