My best bro(mine): Mole-uminum!

...or Aluminum Bromide

My Mole's Theme

I chose to design my mole based on aluminum bromine because I had fabric that matched the colors of aluminum and bromine! Also, the molar mass of aluminum bromine is 266.68 grams, which is a mass in which I can meet by stuffing my mole with lentil beans. My mole is a very shiny form of silver, which is similar to the shininess of aluminum, and it has a red-brown belly which is similar to bromine.

Aluminum Bromide Uses

Aluminum bromide in its anhydrous form is used as a catalyst for Friedel-Crafts Alkylation reactions, a series of reactions where substituents attach to an aromatic ring.


Aluminum bromide is a white or pale pink solid, a yellowish beige crystalline powder and is highly soluble in alcohol. It is stable but reacts violently with water, and it is incompatible with aqueous solutions, alcohols and acids.

True Story!

Aluminum bromide was discovered from a reaction of HBr with Al.

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