McDonald's in Antarctica

Ashley Williams, McKenna Lines, Emma Jett, Mackenzie Kirksey


#1 The ICEBERGer - Iceberg Lettuce Bun with a Seal Patty that has fresh Arctic Pickles and Tomatoes

#2 The Manatee Milkshake- Frosty Chocolate Milkshake with Vanilla whip cream

#3 Polar Express Carmel Frappuccino- Freezing Carmel Coffee

#4 Seaweed Rap- Chilling Seaweed rapped around chicken, lettuce, and ranch

#5 "I'm CHILLI"- Cold Chilly (hamburger meat with beans and tomatoes)

#6 Penguin Poppers- Fried or Grilled Chicken Poppers

#7 Polar Ice- Slushy

#8 Arctic Potato Sticks

#9 Snowy Sliders- Kid Sized ICEBERGer

#10 Snow On The Mountain Cupcake- Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Icing

Hours and Transportation


A Snowmobile provides service every hour on the hour and it runs both ways (will take you to McDonald's and drop you back off).

Employe Attire

Employes wear big red parkas with yellow snow boots. Each employe has to have their hair pulled back tight.

Building Design

The McDonald's Location in Antarctica is an igloo. The igloo might look small from the outside, but when you walk in there is a staircase that leads underground into a McDonald's restaurant under the snow. It is a very festive and arctic location.


Our McDonald's in Antarctica symbolizes Globalization because our menu choice and names were based off of culture and the climate of the general area in Antarctica. In all of our names of our entrees they were all funny and ironic names that we choose for the menu. Our menu consist of beverages and meals for all ages. Our building was made out of an Igloo, because we wanted to incorporate the snow effect.