Information about Owen


Owen and his family.

Owen's full name is Owen Thomas Woolley and he was born in Mississauga, Ontario. He was named after a hockey player. He has 1 brother in his family, his name is Brenden Woolley. His dad's name is Gord and his mom's name is Gale . He is 13 years old,Brenden is 17 , his mom's 50 and his dad is 51 years old. His mom is a hairdresser and his dad works for a vinal company.

Owen's backround information.

Owen lived in Mississauga for his whole life. His whole family is from Canada. He lives in a house, with his mom for most of the part and lives in h dad's house also. His parent's are not staying with each other anymore for specific reasons. The place that Owen has travelled to in his whole life is Florida.

Owen's talent's and hobbies.

Activities that he does in spare time and dislikes.

Activities and dislikes

He plays hockey, manhunt and chills with his friends. His favourite thing that he does in his spare time is play hockey. He absolutely dislikes it when his family fights with each other. He also does not like it when someone bothers him, while he is doing something very important. His all time biggest fear are bumblebees because they can sting you.