Parkhill Primary School Newsletter

Issue 33, Thursday October 18 2018

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thanks so much to the parents who took the time to complete our online survey – the data has been very helpful for us in compiling our whole school Essential Agreement and Codes of Conduct documents. The Student Representative Council is currently drafting the Essential Agreement while the Leadership Team work through the details of the Code of Conduct element. The School Council Policy Writing Sub-Committee is reviewing the related policies this term too. Please stay tuned for the consultation on these documents.


What can we, as influential adults do to ensure we are being positive role models?

1. Show RESPECT for others and yourself.
Think about how you talk about and treat your friends, family members, neighbours and even yourself. Would you say hello on the street to a stranger or hold a door for someone at the store? Your child is learning how to value other people and institutions by watching your example. This includes how you talk about school, so consider your words wisely when you’re discussing your child’s class, teacher or administrators.

Your child also takes cues on self-worth from you. Respect yourself and your child will follow your lead.

2. Practice positive COMMUNICATION skills.
Do you wish your child would talk to you more? Or choose to speak instead of scream? Consider your own use of words…do you use them to hurt, criticise or argue with others, even if it’s not your children? Words are a powerful thing. If you demonstrate how negative, hurtful and disrespectful language can be, your child will do the same.

Do you listen to your child without interrupting? Be mindful of how and when you communicate—give your child your complete attention and respect her thoughts. You are teaching her to do the same for you.

Is your child convinced he’s going to fail a class, not make the team or lose a friend? Consider the energy in your own family. Do you focus on the positive? Perhaps that negative outlook begins at home. The next time you make a mistake, like burning dinner, think before reacting. Then remember to laugh and suggest you feel lucky for the chance to order out. It’s often simple (and not so drastic) mistakes that become the best opportunities to model good behaviour.

4. Teach the value of HEALTH.
Are you struggling to get your child to eat healthier foods or stop watching so much TV? You can’t expect them to do it on their own! Show them how! Sit down and share healthy meals and snacks with them, reduce your own TV time and plan outdoor activities you can do together, like a walk in the evening or a bike ride.

Is your child quick to lose his temper, throw a tantrum or cry out of frustration? How about you? Responding to stress, anger or hurt feelings is a valuable tool that you can model for your child. We live in a society that is fast-paced, demanding and stressful, and anger is a very natural reaction. The next time you are faced with a challenge, try to remain calm, take a deep breath and talk through the issue. If appropriate, talk to your child about what triggered your anger and how you dealt with it. Your child will learn to take a step back and think about his own reactions the next time he gets mad.

Below are some interesting reads about how we as influential adults can help to support the positive environment our children grow up in, role model positive behaviours and contribute to a positive community.


Flip the sound

Many words in the English language don’t follow basic phonics rules. For example, children learn that ch makes the /ch/ sound we hear in chip. However, this rule does not apply when decoding the word school. Children need to be given tools to use when reading so they are not stumped when common rules do not apply.

Flip the sound is a strategy good readers use when they come to a word that doesn’t sound right or make sense. Knowing the multiple sounds a letter or letter combination can make and being able to flip the sounds around is an essential skill.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?

  • When your child reads a word incorrectly, wait until he/she gets to the end of the sentence. Then, stop your child and ask, “Did the word you just read sound right?” Put your hand palm-down and flip your hand over while saying, “Try flipping the sound.”

  • Remind your child that when good readers use the strategy of flip the sound, they listen for a word they recognise. They then check to make sure that word makes sense in the sentence.

  • When sounding out words, review the different sounds letters make. Ask your child, “What other sound could that letter make?” Encourage your child to use the strategy of flip the sound to try different words until he/she is successful.

  • If your child is still struggling with this strategy, give your child the kinaesthetic prompt of flipping over your hand as a quiet reminder to try the strategy.

  • This strategy can be compared to the strategy of cross checking. Remind your child to look at the word and ask, “Does it look right, does it sound right, does it make sense?” If it doesn’t sound right, they will then know to flip the sound and try again.


Throughout the school children have been tuning in to their learning, asking questions and planning their finding out and sorting out. Below is the detail of the units of work for this term.

Big picture

Through inquiry units of work, children across Parkhill explore learning in the curriculum areas of Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, Technologies, Ethical Capabilities, Critical and Creative Thinking and Personal and Social Capabilities.


When I talk about Parkhill I always mention the fabulous sense of community. I couldn’t help but smile when I heard about a group of Parkhill dads, led by Rif Ahmet, who have pulled together an AFL9s team called The Parkhill Piranhas. The Piranhas have played a couple of games so far – GO PIRANHAS!!!

Josh Tanner - Tanner#5

Melo Conti - Conti#7

Rif Ahmet - Rifaldo#16

Winston Wickman - Winnie#32

Conor Condell - Irish#34

Paul Fisicaro - sponsor, not playing

George Andrakakos - Souva#34
Gauthier Delmee - G-Man#55 Belgium Chocolate

Rudolf Lameijn - Ru#21

Big picture

So – The Sticky Tape Challenge… I am very excited to challenge the students of Parkhill to ‘stick me to the wall’!! I would like to thank the SRC and Andrea Crane for the wonderful work they do to raise money for such worthwhile causes as State Schools Relief.

Also - look out for our Being Brave Day coming soon!

Elaine Brady


Calendar of Curriculum Events

Friday 19 October - SRC Sticky Tape Challenge

Saturday 20 October - Sunday 21 October - Solar Car Challenge

Monday 22 October - Friday 26 October - Y5 BioEYES Incursion

Tuesday 23 October - Being Brave Day & Y3/4 Camp Information Evening

Friday 26 October - Y2 Sleepover

Thursday 1 November - PFA Colour Run & Bring It Breaky

Friday 2 November - Y3 Eureka Skydeck Excursion

Monday 5 November - Curriculum Day (students do not attend on this day)

Tuesday 6 November - Melbourne Cup Day (students do not attend on this day)

Wednesday 7 November - Friday 9 November - Y3/4 Camp

Wednesday 7 November - Foundation 2019 Transition Session 1 & Foundation Senses Incursion

Wednesday 14 November - Foundation 2019 Transition Session 2

Tuesday 20 November - Athletics Carnival

Wednesday 21 November - Foundation 2019 Transition Session 3

Wednesday 28 November - Foundation 2019 Transition Session 4

Thursday 29 November - Bring it Breaky

Thursday 6 December - Monday 10 December - Link Dental Van

Thursday 6 December - Fun, Food and Carols

Tuesday 11 December - Move Up Day

Wednesday 12 December - Awards Assembly at 9:15am

Tuesday 18 December - Winning House Lunch

Wednesday 19 December - Y6 Graduation

Thursday 20 December - Y6 Big Day Out

Friday 21 December - Term 4 ends at 1:30pm

Student of the Week

FT - India D

1B - Carmen B

1H - Victor V

2C - Eli H

2N - Noah S

3M - Julia R

3R - Emilia C

4G - Ella M

4O - Whole Class

5D - Eddie F

5H - Jett R

6CM - Nathan N

6L - Alice W

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Big picture
Big picture

DON’T FORGET: Parkhill is Being Brave next Tuesday 23 October.

Being Brave Day is all about being resilient Parkhill people. It is a wellbeing day where we focus on our wellbeing and resilience with activities in year levels, with buddies, a special buddy lunch and a special wellbeing show called “Being Brave”.

Pop into class to see us Being Brave on Tuesday!

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Division Softball

On Monday 15 October, fourteen girls from Y5 and Y6 attended the Division Softball Tournament after winning the district competition earlier in Term 1 this year.

Up against a higher calibre of players and missing our backstop, Nika R, Parkhill struggled in the initial game but soon found our feet, later snagging an 8-2 victory against Amsleigh Park. It was to be the only victory in five games unfortunately as the competition proved too fierce, however the girls performed exceptionally well, narrowly missing out on two more victories.

Jenny Z held the team together from the pitcher's plate for most of the five matches, working well with Ally T on first base, whose calm catching ran out several opponents. Alice W and Emma B displayed excellent risk-taking, stepping in as backstop preventing many runners from getting on the scoreboard. Jess M also took a risk, stepping in for an innings as pitcher to give Jenny’s arm a well-deserved rest. Other highlights were some clutch tags by Evelyn F on second base and also a terrific string of base stealing by Tessa R leading to a sneaky home run!

It was a terrific learning opportunity for the team as they tangled with new rules and tactics. While we only gained a single victory, the girls emerged confident and energised from the experience. As coach I was very proud of the team with all girls supporting and encouraging one another and the team demonstrating the high level of sportsmanship and values that we nurture here at Parkhill Primary School.

Well done, girls!


Jess M

Shannyn Y

Theia M

Ally T

Tessa R

Phyllis T


Hava S

Alice W

Melika B

Emma B

Mercedes G

Evelyn F

Jenny W

Alex Davies

Y5 Teacher

Division Athletics

Moments before the event I can feel my heart beating fast, blood pumping and a big grin across my face. It is time to give everything I have.

On Thursday 11 October, 10 students from Y4-6 participated in our Division Athletics after coming 1st or 2nd in their event in District Athletics. It was a beautiful day at Knox Athletics Track with great results from everyone who attended. Congratulations to James and Isaac on coming 1st in discus for their age group and to Anjali who came first in the 100m. Good luck in regionals!

10B Long Jump – Jimmy D

10B Shotput – Charlie B

10B Discus – James W

10G 100m & 10G Long Jump – Anjali R

11B Shotput & 11B Discus – Isaac B

11B Long Jump & 11B Triple Jump – Max D

11G Hurdles – Isa S

12B 100m – Isaac M

12B High Jump – Naacer S

12G Discus – Nika R

Dora Handby

Y5/6 Sport Coordinator

Solar Challenge - October 20 and 21

This weekend our intrepid solar challengers will head out to Scienceworks to battle with other primary and secondary school students for the ultimate test of their solar vehicles.

Please join with me in wishing our teams the very best of luck as they pit their mettle against the world!

Green Machine - Beau, Zac, Flynn

Snail MSTO - Liam, Oliver, Jethro

Speedy! - Theia, Shannyn, Ally


Michelle Smith

Solar Challenge Coordinator

Y5 BioEYES Incursion

BioEYES, a unique biology program run by Monash University involving zebra fish, is coming soon for Y5 students. Permission notices went home with students at the end of Term 3 - please return these forms ASAP if you have not already. The program will run on Monday 22, Tuesday 23 and Friday 26 October if you are interested in popping in!

Michelle Smith

Assistant Principal

Say No to Tiger Fur

Tigers are being hunted for their fur, and we have to save them! They are becoming critically endangered, so please help us.

If you see tiger fur clothes, then make sure that you don’t buy them. If we stop buying these products from the shops, then they won’t need to be hunted anymore.

Thank you for helping us save the tigers!

Lucia B, Chloe K and Lucy B, 2C

PFA News

Committee Members:

President: Vanessa Cowley

Vice President: Katrina Battle

Treasurer: Sumi Sundram

Secretary: Kylie Touloupis

Communications: Eva Conley

General Members: Fiona Crellin, Jason Van Lint, Elle Delmee, Mark Havas, Lisa Jacobson, Anny Murray, Wendy Douglas, Janneke Storteboom, Leanne Knight

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Parkhill Fun Run – Thursday 1st November

The countdown is on for our School Colour Fun-Run! A reminder that the event will be held on Thursday 1st November. This is a sponsorship-based fundraiser and we are raising funds to complement our new rebuild.

If you haven’t already signed up, please do so. Sponsorship forms went home at the end of last term. Signing up to register is super easy – head to to create your child’s profile page. Once this is complete, you are ready to start raising funds. It only takes $1 to be entered into the draw for the $30,000 Ultimate Family Experience. Students who raise more than $10 or more are eligible to receive rewards. The more money raised, the better the rewards and the more you help our school. Check out the great incentives online.

We are super excited about the event and can’t wait to get into the colourful action! Good luck with your fundraising!

If you have any questions regarding the School Colour Fun-Run, please call 1800 FUN RUN or chat to a member of the PFA. We look forward to our Parkhill community getting behind this great fundraising event – it is an opportunity to sent the right message to students about having fun, while being healthy, and helping the school raise funds. Plus, it is going to be super colourful!

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PFA Events for the Diary – TERM 4

We can’t believe it is Term 4 already. There are heaps of things happening this term – please pop these dates for the Parkhill PFA’s activities in your diary if they are of interest.

Big picture

The first Term 4 PFA Meeting will be held this Friday – October 19 – at Hyde N Seek Café from 9am. Pop by after drop-off for a cuppa and join us to discuss the upcoming PFA activities for this Term. Everyone is welcome.

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Next Wednesday is Cup Cake Stall day! All cakes range from $1-3. We will be selling cakes after school – looking forward to a yummy afternoon tea on Wednesday! Thanks in advance to our lovely Parkhill community who volunteer their time to cook up a storm and donate yummy items each term for our Cup Cake Stalls.

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SAVE THE DATE – Fun, Food & Carols

It seems crazy to be thinking about Christmas already – but it is sneaking up fast (have you seen the decorations in the shops already?!) Please SAVE THE DATE for Fun, Food & Carols – the most fun event on the social calendar! Mark it in your diaries – Thursday 6th December 2018. It is going to be super festive and super fun!

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Join the Parkhill Community Facebook Group

Stay up-to-date on everything that is happening through the Parkhill PFA and beyond via our private Parkhill Primary School Community Facebook Group. Search the group and request to join – all information about upcoming events, dates to keep, and community news is posted on the Group. It is also a great place to chat and share with families and make friends within our Parkhill community.

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Have a great rest of the week!