Twitter: Getting Started Guide

How do you start? What is important? See below.

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(The information below is for using a computer/laptop/Chromebook. Your experience on a mobile device should be done through the Twitter App not through Safari or Chrome.)

Twitter for iPhone or iPad

Twitter for Android

(There's even a Kindle Fire app)

Step 1:

Sign up for a Twitter account

If you are using Twitter to create a PLN (Professional Learning Network), you are encouraged to use your school email credentials. Also, when prompted to create your Twitter username (aka Twitter handle), select a name which is a) professionally appropriate b) "brands" you in some way.

Start here:

Step 2:

Get rid of your egg!!

One of the first steps in starting on Twitter is to change your profile picture.

Video for changing your profile picture:

Step 3:

Discover a hashtag

One of the more important way to discover content on Twitter is the hashtag. There are basically two things you need to know: 1. What hashtag? 2. Where do I search for it?

Check out this list of Twitter hashtags related to education:

Check this video for hashtag searching:

Still on the fence about Twitter? Check the video below.

Why Tweet: A Personal Journey Through the Twitterverse

How to read a Tweet

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Other Twitter 101 reminders

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