The Fun Lunch Argument

Find out who likes Fun Lunch and who doesn't. By: Erin

Different opinions

I think Fun Lunch is delicious but lets hear from Audrey. (Because she is the closest to me.) I asked Audrey if she liked Fun Lunch she said "no." I asked "why." She said "because she has a allergy to gluten she can not have Fun Lunch." She also said that "They should make a allergy free Lunch for Fun Lunch. Even though there has been a lot of Fun Lunches none of them were allergy free! I enjoy the PTA for doing this I think once in a while they should make a allergy free lunch.

My 3 favorite things about Kingsley School:

1. The Fall Festival

2. Young Authors

3. Fun Lunch

Thank You!

Thank you so much of reading my flyer