A book to remember

Whats it about?

Melinda Sordino a average graduate 8th grader goes to a party with her three best friends. but, after going she regrets every single minute of it. Melinda is raped at the party and with out thinking she calls the cops. But she says nothing she is mute. Now, Shes a freshmen in high school and doesn't say a word. After learning that her attacker is a senior at her school frightens. her. Her three best friends hate her for what she did cause they dont know what happened. skipping class even school isnt the halve of it. she doesnt say a word at school or at home . one of her old friends Rachel is dating the BEAST. She doesnt want to tell her what he did but the inner voice in her tells her to do it because its the right thing to do. So, Melinda confronts Rachel but, says she doesnt believe her. Later on, Andy (the attacker) confronts her about the attack and hes furious. will Andy rape her again or talk it all out?

Why Should I Read This Book?

I think that this book is very inspirational. It really explains the feelings and emotions of what Melinda is thinking and feeling. Because you would think that the quiet people arent that mean. But, its like looking into her mind. And it inspires girls who have been been raped to actually tell someone and actually feel good about it. And to also ask for help when you need it.

Is There A Movie?

yes take a look!
Speak Trailer