Blue whale

Help Save The Blue Whales.

Fun facts about Blue whales

They are blue and fat and have lots of blubber. They are the largest creatures ever discovered by man. Whales are related to dolphins.


There body is covered in blubber, a layer of fat to keep them warm. Blue whales are the largest animals. They measure up to 100 ft. They weigh about 200 metric tons.


Blue whales mainly eat shrimp-like critters. They also eat plankton blooms.


They spend summer in polar seas. After eating for a few months, they will migrate to tropical zones for the winter.


Blue whales are endangered. There are about 10,000-25,000 blue whales. They are endangered because people hunt them for their blubber.

Ways to Save Them

People should make a law that people can't hunt whales.
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