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January 13, 2016

Bears and IVIG

Last week, Barbara and I took in a movie. An adventure movie with blood and guts. “Revenant”. Hey – I’m a guy. And it was my turn to pick. The week before we saw “Brooklyn”. A love story. OK. It was terrific in its own way. But “Revenant” swept the Golden Globes last night. It won for Best Drama Motion Picture. Leonardo DiCaprio won for Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture. DiCaprio plays a legendary frontiersman in the unchartered wilderness of America, circa 1823. If he doesn’t win an Academy Award for this, somebody’s been bought off. Not to ruin the story for you, but there is an incredible scene where DiCaprio is mauled by a bear. It is gruesome and hard to watch . . . even for me. But somewhere along the line, I made this connection: the bear is managed care . . . the insurance system.

Really. Now stay with me. We are the frontiersman. We are smart. We are tough. We are skilled. We are relentless. And we are survivors. We care for our patients. Managed Care cares for its shareholders. It cares not for its providers. It makes money by not paying for services rendered, and it has a plethora of reasons to cite. It mauls the weaker practices. But we are resourceful. And did I say we are relentless? We take it personal. The bear may win a skirmish, but the frontiersman will win the war.

Last week, CHS collected on a claim that we’ve been challenging for over 18 months. $78,000. Fourteen dates of service. Medicare. Judicial appeal. Late bill override. Appeal to the Governor of Colorado. In the most difficult of collections, we engage our physician partners, their office staff, our billing team, our general managers, and our case managers. For this collection, Suzanne Hakar (our GM in CO) partnered with Vonnie Morgan from our billing team to affect a favorable outcome. It was bloody, but we prevailed. We persevered when others would have given up. I guarantee you – no one else on the face of the planet could have done this. We are the rugged frontiersman. The bear has left us with some scars, but those heal, and our resolve is ever the greater.

In the movie, DiCaprio’s mother encourages him with this wisdom: “the fierce wind can’t defeat the tree whose roots are deep”. I loved that. It reminded me of Psalm 1 where it speaks of a man who trusts in God being like a tree firmly planted by streams of water. That is a great picture of the Corinthian team of which I’m so proud – deep rooted, committed, highly skilled, and of strong resolve. And we’re looking forward to more challenges and victories in 2016. Stay tuned and enjoy the movie ! Happy New Year !


Chief Business Officer, CHS

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You Can Only Imagine

Last week members of the CHS executive team met at the beautiful JW Marriott in downtown Austin for a few productive days of inspecting and brainstorming. Meeting attendees were challenged to "IMAGINE" the how's, what's, and where's of 2016. The productive days were filled with status reports on each area of CHS, discussions on how we can use our experiences from 2015 to improve this new year, and brainstorming sessions on what we would like to see 2016 look like for CHS and our partners.

We are excited and energized to begin our journey through 2016 with you!

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We enjoyed treating NCPC staff to a Holiday Nail Party last month!