JK Super Star News

May 4, 2017

This Week

We are all very excited to see you on Tuesday at 8:30 for our Cinderella Fella Ball!!

This was a short week, we have been busy getting ready for the Ball, as well as, enjoying all of the extra special activities. The book fair seems to have been quite a success and we are so thankful for all of the books you have purchased for our classroom. On Wednesday, we had perfect weather for Project ACES and that was successful, as well.

Our "Undress" rehearsal will be on Monday at 11:45 if you would like to attend because you are unavailable on Tuesday.

We continued to work on subtraction equations and focused on letter A. The Super Stars loved showing their creativity by creating balloon Cinderella carriages, and writing about their wishes. The children developed problem solving skills and their fine motor skills as they cut, glued and glittered the projects. We practiced round robin reading and reviewed color words in reading groups.

It was a pleasure to see you all at conferences Thursday and Friday. Thank you for taking the time to hear about your Super Star and all of their growth this year.

Thank you Mrs. Williams for the snacks this week and Ms. Leen for the sweet treats on Thursday.

Dates - Snack Child Owen

May 9th-8:35 Cinderella Fella Ball

May 12th - Family Fun night 5:30

May 19th- Greenfield Village Field trip 8:30 Departure

May 26th - Field Day

May 29th- No School Memorial Day

June 5th- JK end of the year picnic

June 6th- JK Water Day -make sure to have towel and swimsuit available

June 7th- Room Mom Recognition