Food and Diet

Food and Diet relationship with climate change

The Group Against Climate Change

Our goal as a group is to inform many of the dangers of climate change and what it can result in


Climate change is a world wide phenomenon which we do not take into consideration due to the media hiding its true beings from us. Climate change is happening as we speak and we do not know the dangers of it or when people speak of it many do not know how to prevent it. Climate change is a change in both weather and climate in all aspects of the world. Since the industrial revolution we, the human race, have been putting countless amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When we first started it was a big step for mankind to have such sophisticated technology and understand much of what and who we are as a race. But sadly, we did not believe or listen to scientists when they tried to tell us that we were really doing was wrong. We created a problem and now it is up to us to fix what we created. I will speak of the dangers of how if we continue to put countless amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, what it will do to our food production and were we might need to grow crops due to countless droughts that we will have caused.


Climate change is a big worldwide discussion happening. Is it said that %30 of all the worlds land is taken up by agriculture. It is also estimated that %18 of all greenhouse gases come directly from agricultural uses. This could be from many things such as a tractor or other machinery. But a main leader of all methane is caused from cows. A big danger that food does create though is the distribution of pesticides which keep off insects but can sometime hurt the food in the process. It also destroys nearby crops trying to grow as well as emits carbon dioxide due to the creation of the pesticides, Many farmers are cutting back on the use of pesticides, but there is a new one which is called nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer is 300 times as harmful to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide is. Many organic farmers will use a very natural fertilizer which leads to the carbon dioxide being trapped into the ground instead of traveling to the atmosphere.
NASA | Ask a Climate Scientist: Climate Change and Humans

Our Study

Figure 1.1- in our first study we asked 15 girls and 15 boys how much meat do they consume per week. We found a small correlation between the relationship of boys and girls and how much they consumed meat. We found out after the study that yes, boys do eat more meat per week but only by, as per our study, 3 more guys eat meat per week then girls

Figure 1.2- in our second study, we asked the question if they consume more chicken or if they consumed more beef. What we found out was that girls ate more chicken a week then boys, but, we also saw that more boys ate beef then girls did. This was a much stronger correlation between boys and girls due to boys eating more beef and girls eating more chicken.

Figure 1.3- in our third study we asked the question if people keep, or if they throw out there leftovers. We did see a correlation of both boys and girls keeping there leftovers other then throwing them out which is much better to see that many are not wasting there food. We saw about 11 boys and 10 girls say that they kept there leftovers.

Study Continued

Figure 1.4- for our fourth study that we conducted, we asked if people bought organic or if they did not. 4 people were unsure if they did or did not buy organic foods. The rest of the people that we asked the majority of them said they bought organic (6 boys, 7 girls). The rest of the people that we surveyed did not buy organic products. The correlation we found was that many people were starting to buy organic, but a few did not or did not know if they were buying organic.

Figure 1.5- our fifth and final question we asked how many times a week people purchased fast food. We found that boys eat fast food much more then girls do, but overall more girls buy more food between 1-2 times a week. This is a strong correlation because both girls and boys buy a lot of fast food and are the reason of lots of waste and carbon dioxide being put into our atmosphere.

What do we do to change?

In order to lessen our carbon footprint we can do many things to reduce it. Things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint includes various things such as buying locally grown and also start buying organic foods to show grocers to buy more and not to support pesticide farmers. The average plate of food takes around 1200 km of traveling from the producer to your plate, if we support the local farmers then we can cut back on both our costs, and also we can cut back on our carbon footprint. Also, David Suzuki suggested that we could start to eat one meal that includes no meat and also we can choose to eat at veggie restaurants or choose meat alternatives at restaurants.