Parentheses, Brackets, & Braces......OH MY!

What is This?

Ahh! What are those curves around the numbers? What are all those signs doing in the same equation? If you have any of those questions don't worry, there are a few ways to overcome your fears!

Let's Go Over The Steps to Solving A Problem With Parentheses:

1st STEP: Let us simplify everything that is in the parentheses.

2nd STEP: Now let us simplify any exponents we may have.

3rd STEP: Let us multiply and then divide from left to right.

4th STEP: Let us now add and then subtract from left to right.

Here's a little few tricks to remember the steps:

Feel Better Now?


Here is a problem showing all the

steps that we just learned:


As long as you keep your memory tricks and

a pencil and you can conquer any math problem

with parentheses: