Penguins are the best type of bird in the world. They are birds but they cannot fly, they slide on their bellies and waddle with their feet. I think that penguins are the best bird ever. Why? is what you might be saying to yourself right now. It is because they can slide on their bellies and waddle. If a person tried to waddle, he or she would just fall right over but penguins are pros at is. Also if a person tried to slide on their belly, they would have to do it on ice in the winter time so they can actually move, but penguins know how to do it.

This book will teach you everything from what the penguins eat, to the type of habitat and places that they live in. A few of the million types of penguins in the world will be shown to you in the book also. The features and characteristics that make a penguin, well a penguin. I hope that you decide to read this book. I also hope that you keep on loving penguins my friends!!