Astronauts in space


How do Astronauts survive in space ?

So,you're probably wondering why astronauts live so long in space. What i think is their everyday routines and Food and water keeps them alive.

One possible answer is food and water. Before astronauts go off into space, NASA Provides astronauts with non-perishable foods for long periods of time. Because there's no gravity in space, their food floats in space. They eat so they won't starve and get more food from Earth.

An astronaut does things at home like morning routines and they are the EXACT same thing they do in space and at night, they still do what they do at home, shower the same, brush their teeth the same and when its bedtime, they hop into a sleeping bag attached to the wall and sleep there. That can be another answer.

You may say its strange but my point is, There is many answers to this question and eventually, we will find it.