8th Grade Arizona Middle School

Elective Class Selection

Arizona Middle School's Counseling Team

Elective Choices


Advanced Band is for students that have already taken beginning band or already know how to play an instrument. Check out Ms. Matthew's video below to learn more about band!

ASB (Associated Student Body)

Mr. Cooper's ASB is to make students feel connected to school and each other through involvement in ASB organized activities. ASB members are leaders; they are honest, trustworthy, responsible, reliable, willing to work hard, humble respect both adults and fellow students and have school pride.

Some activities they organize are school dances, creating the yearbook, fundraisers, lunch time activities and many more!

*must meet promotion requirements and have good leadership skills*


Arizona Middle School is an AVID National Demonstration School. AVID stands for, Advancement Via Individual Determination. Our school is dedicated to closing the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and other postsecondary opportunities through AVID’s research-based strategies and curriculum.

Click on the link below for more information about Arizona Middle School's AVID program.


*AVID is a class that you must apply for. Click on the AVID Application below to apply!

If you are already in AVID and would like to continue, then you don't need to apply again.

Check out the video below that our AVID Coordinator, Mrs. Gallo, made about our AVID program!

AVID Recruitment Presentation


Do you like to sing? Mrs. Suttle's choir class is a great way to show us your singing abilities. Watch her video below to learn more about our choir class!

Video Production

Engineering Design and Robotics

3D Design

**Cadet Corp Instead of P.E**

If you are interested in Cadet Corps instead of regular p.e., make sure you choose that while selecting your electives.

*Cadet Corp is not an elective class. It will be in place of your p.e. class.**

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Now that you have checked out the elective choices above, it's time to choose your top two choices. Fill out the google form below!

*Remember your choice is not guaranteed. It is based on your grades and class size.