J-Fro & D-Rich Book Signing

Best Seller"Luther and the Reform"and "Conquering Countries"

What to Expect

A signing by the Late Jonathan Renfro's Hologram and Dawsen Richins. Join us for fun, games, and food!

Book Signing

Saturday, Jan. 1st 2000 at 3:45pm to Wednesday, Jan. 1st 2020 at 11:30pm

14 Jalan Klapa


Doors will be locked at exactly 3:50 pm.

Please wear exotic costumes.

Event Flow Chart

3:45: Arrival

3:50: Signing

3:51: Eating

3:52-1/1/2020: Social Time

Half way through proccess: Cannibilistic Feeding Frenzy

1/1/2020 1:30: Games and punch for the survivors

10/15/2025: Hospital and mental rehab release