Jennifer Lupo

Hiding Out In The Pancake Palace

Book Report 1, Fiction

The main theme to this book is that it doesn't matter how lost or hopeless you are, somewhere out there you will here the music. this is true because in the book Cecilia(the main character of the book), who lives in Wares Grove, New Jersey, which is just a town that's practically invisible. In this town everyone knows each other and nothing ever exciting happens here. Until one day Cecilia hears this car coming in town. She gets curious and wants to see what it is, so she follows it, a few moments later shes at the only restaurant in town called "The Pancake Palace" where she finds out a few weeks or a month later she finds out that the mysterious person living in the pancake palace is famous superstar sensation Elvis Ruby, and with his help Cecilia tries to find the music in the Pine lands that played for her when she was born. With little hope left in themselves Cecilia and Elvis think that they will never find the music until they start making up there own tune to play,that's when there parents come they find them, then her mother tells her that she did hear the music all along, that it was there all along, because they had the music inside them all along.