Mary patterson

The state that has everything.

Texas has a history the is filled with culture of Mexico, Spain, the American Indian, and the American settlers. Texas has everything from Mountain and Basin Region of the west, the Great Plains of the north, Central Pains were the state capital Austin lies with some of the prettiest lakes and rivers. But what makes Texas such a speical place is its Coastal Region. Texas has a warm water cost line that spans miles by the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is also known for its beautiful wild flowers, wild life and food.

The State of Texas 1821

You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas.--- Davy Crockett

Texas in the early 1800's was a place of revalotion. The indians that roamed free form goverment control raided may of the settlements and fought against Mexcio. Many parts of the land was untouced and was hard to settle because of the sometimes harsh weather. In order the survive living in Texas a settler must have a good understanding of the land with a good, fresh water source and tools tough enough to break up the rock that is found in most of the state.