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Instructional Opportunities

Students in grades K-6 are all unique and it is important that each student who qualifies for gifted services have their services personalized for them. Therefore, the District will provide tiered services of support for students who qualify for gifted services.

Tier 2 GT Core+

GT2/GT Core+ services include a variety of support options for identified students. The first support is that the student will be intentionally grouped with other identified students so the teacher can more effectively provide the type of instructional experience best suited for GT thinkers. Clustering and teacher support means students will have their instructional needs addressed during all subjects each day instead of the current 10-20% which is all we are able to provide now. Also, the classroom teacher will be able to utilize grouping strategies that reduce the range of abilities and achievement levels which results in appropriate instructional levels and pacing. Through increased collaboration, the Core Connections will take on a whole new level of extension learning and will allow for enhanced learning experiences for the four core areas of instruction. For more information on the Total School Cluster Grouping model, visit HERE.

Tier 3 GT Pullout

In addition to GT2/GT Core+, GT3/GT Pullout services for K-6 is an expansion of what K-3 is already providing. Providing services on the campus means we have the flexibility for students to have their services and not miss special events or field trips. At GT3/GT Pullout, two hours of pullout services will continue in ALTitude. Students in grades 1-6 who have already qualified for gifted services prior to the 2020-2021 school year will receive GT 3/GT Pullout services. For students who qualify for gifted services during the 2019-2020 school year, the GT placement committee will determine what services are needed and at what tier: GT2/GT Core+ or GT3/GT Pullout. Students who qualify for GT3/GT Pullout also qualify for GT2/GT Core+.

Tier 4 Responsive Acceleration Pathway

Some students learn at a faster pace than others and a small number of them require acceleration that cannot be adequately provided in a general education setting. In some cases, they need two years or more of acceleration in all four core areas of instruction (reading, math, science, and social studies). During the 2020-2021 school year, we will begin identifying students who need this level of service, building profiles, developing personalized learning plans, and designing the curriculum supports. Once implemented, we will group students in grades 3-6 who have this need on a single campus (to be determined) for responsive acceleration. Students will progress through the curriculum at a faster and more personalized pace than their current grade peers- completing up to 8th grade content by the end of 6th grade. In secondary, students would have the option of graduating early or pursuing deep research along with internships. For more information, please visit HERE.

Symposium- Continuing the Legacy of REACH

Symposium is a new expansion for our services that I believe makes us an exemplary and destination district. We are committed to ensuring the social-emotional needs of our students are met. When our students are often misunderstood and contrary to misconceptions, they can struggle in school and socially.

Symposium for the elementary students will be a way to continue the legacy of REACH for one day each semester by bringing the students to a central location like the PDC gym for an intensive day of advanced learning and connecting with their peers from other schools. This will be a great way to honor the past while embracing the future.

In secondary, we have committed to having Advanced Learning Specialists provide opportunities on each secondary campus each semester to allow our students to come together around a topic they need addressed such as multipotentiality (having potential in multiple areas leading to difficulty in selecting a college focus) or stress reduction strategies. We want to extend opportunities for these students AND families to schedule time with Jasmine and/or Joe, too. Our parents want to do the best they can for their children but sometimes they don’t know how.

While symposium is one day a semester, the connections students make during these experiences can lead to students collaborating all year with technology. The activities will be strategically designed to foster just such connections.

Who to Contact

Talbot Boulter

Administrative Specialist

Advanced Learning Programs and Services