Duncanrig Secondary

Professional Development Update

Issue Twelve

As Education Scotland states: 'Numeracy across learning provides essential analytic, problem solving and decision making skills across the curriculum. The numeracy across learning experiences and outcomes are a subset of those found in the mathematics curriculum area.' However it has often been a hard sell to try and convince all teachers that numeracy is their responsibility too. This newsletter will offer up some suggestions and provide some necessary information as to where you can start.

Numeracy Across the Curriculum

Arthur Benjamin: Lightning calculation and other "Mathemagic"

A Shared Responsibilty

Much of the work we do now, since the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, is about ensuring a shared experience across the curriculum. Numeracy is a tricky topic for many of us who, perhaps, were not comfortable with Maths at school. However, it is hoped that this newsletter will highlight some effective ways to approach numeracy in your classroom. You will also find lots of resources on Glow and the Maths Department are a fantastic resources for ideas and strategies.

Next Issue

After this year's Nat 4 and 5 - yes, I know - we are about to embark on implementation of the new Higher. The next newsletter will try and draw together as much available information as possible. As always if there any ideas or topics you'd like to suggest for future issues, please get in touch.