Fifth Grade Math Summer Packet

Helpful worksheets and websites for summer success!

Dear Future Fifth Graders!

I am very excited to see all of you cross to the other side of the hallway next year as fifth grade students.

In order for you to understand my expectations, we need to be on the same page about “understanding” and “making mistakes”. When I say, “I expect you to understand” that means you should know how to start the problem, go through the process, and find the answer. It does not mean I expect you to get every question correct every time. For example, when you are multiplying with lattice, if you make a multiplication fact mistake or adding mistake, which is okay as long as you know how to complete the problem. You just made a silly mistake.

Skills Expected to Understand when you enter fifth grade math:

  • Name every place value from hundred billions down to millionths
  • Adding, subtracting, and multiplying multiple digit whole numbers
  • Finding the area of a rectangle
  • Finding the perimeter of any shape

Fourth Grade Skills we attack again!

  • Dividing
  • Adding, subtracting, and multiplying with decimals
  • Geometry

Math Facts

  • It is very important for you to be comfortable with your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts for numbers 1-12.
  • We will spend time discussing throughout the year how important they are, especially in middle school.
  • I will never grade you on math facts, however you should make your best effort in becoming fluent.
  • A fluent student should be able to complete at least 30 of the 36 facts correctly in one minute.
  • It is not necessary, but it reduces anxiety and makes math much easier.

Timed Test Worksheets

Below are 4 links to timed test worksheets. Everytime you click on the sheet, you will need to use your child's google log-in. Each time you go to the link it will automatically give you a new set of problems.

Another great online resource is . This site will cater to your fact needs and challenge you at the correct pace.

Place Value

Place value is an important skill in fifth grade. It will be a quiz very early in the year. This is one skill math students need to memorize. Use the attached worksheet below as a helpful study tool.

Fourth Grade Skills to Practice and Master

Below is a list of three skills you should be confident in solving when you enter fifth grade.

  • Multiplying multi-digit numbers
  • Adding multi-digit numbers
  • Subtracting multi-digit numbers

Some extras!

Using study island log-ins is a great resource for extra practice!