The wolf spider

By: Ikaika

The wolf spiders habitat

Wolf spiders live in forests and suburban gardens. Wolf spiders live in Canada, us,Europe,Africa, South America , England,South Asia and north America. It is easy for them to live there so they can hide and sneak up on its prey. Wolf spiders set territori where they are eating. Wolf spiders live on the ground and barley clime up trees. Some wolf spider clime partly up trees. This is where the wolf spiders live.

The wolf spiders diet

Wolf spiders are carnivores because it eats Beetles,flies and ants. Wolf spiders eat small insects. Wolf spiders eat crickets, grass hoppers and earwigs. Wolf spiders don't spin webs to catch there prey. Wolf spiders jump on there prey. Wolf spiders have good eye sight so they can catch there prey. Wolf spiders can run fast so they can pick up strength when they pounce on its prey and bites it with its jaws.