Sea Turtle

Jason Stroup


Sea Turtle are the bigist turtle that lives in th sea. They live no land and water. Next, they have protective sneus. Finlly they eta a loot of food. Clearly sea turtle are fascinating.

Their Home

Sea Turtles live in the water and on land. First, sea turtles live in the ocean, but not in so cold of water. Secondly, sea turtles can swim for miles. Finally, sea turtles are born on land, but quickly move to water. The sea turtle are really busy because they travel from land to water.

Cool Features

Sea turtles have some unique features. First, sea turtles shells are made of bone. Most shells have scutes. Secondly, turtles have no teeth. They have jaws that are really sharp. Finally, the leather back turtle is the biggest turtle. Sea turtles have a lot of features so they can survive.

Lunch Time

Sea turtles eat a lot of food. Sea turtles eat sea weed, jelly fish, shrimp and more. Next, sea turtles can hold their breath for thirty minutes to get food. Finally, sea turtles can be eaten by tiger sharks and killer whales. They call these animals predators. In closing, sea turtles can easily find the sea, but they can also become someone's food very easily.


All in all sea turtle are really interesting. sea turtle craw on land and swim in water. sea turtle do not have teeth but sharp jaws beak. sea turtle gobble all of different kind of food.finally ,sea turtle have many col features.


Scutes- an external bony or hard plate or larfe scale

Leatherback- the largest or existing sea turtle

Predator- an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals


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