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January 2019

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Fall GT Evaluations Pick Up Information

Thank you so much to all those who came to pick up your child's GT evaluations. We completely understand that it is an imposition for some so we appreciate your willingness to come in person to get them. If you were unable to get your child's GT evaluations, please feel free to come to the library and get it from Ms. Hunt or if you can't come in person, please send $2 for postage and we will mail it to your home. We will do this again in May for Spring GT Evaluations. Thanks again!

6th Grade

Team Building

6th grade spent January doing team building challenges in the classroom preparing for their upcoming spring Passion Projects!

Ms. Redwine

6th GT Advisory



Ms. Beabout

6th GT Advisory



7th Grade

Backpack Design

Students spent December building their backpack prototypes they have been working on since November. These will be on display in the spring at the GT Parent Expo. Students worked on a marketing concept for their backpack in January as the final step in this project. They will also work on it in April when competition is over.

3D Printing

Beginning January 23 7th grade GT started working in the library on their 7th grade competition that will be held on March 26. One of the stations is 3D printing design using Tinkercad. Students will be tested on this at competition in March. One of our district technologists, Edwin Braun, came January 23-25 to introduce the website and go over the basics. Students had to practice on their own, then create an animal and plant of some kind. They will have to design something using Tinkercad on the day of the competition.

Ms. Brooks

7th GT Advisory



Ms. Hybner

7th GT Advisory



8th Grade

Recap of Fall Semester

On Friday, January 11 8th grade GT students met with their groups and filled out a goals sheet for the spring semester after watching a Google Slides presentation about everything they did in the fall semester. They have done so much in the first half of the year and we are so proud of their hard work. We can't wait to see what they will do the spring semester!
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Coach Winki

January 14th and 15th Coach Winki, a previous teacher at NBMS and leader at Newk's Tennis Ranch, came to do some team building exercises with 8th grade GT. Monday focused on going over what personality type students got in the Animal Zoo quiz: either a beaver, otter, lion or retriever. Once you know what you are then you can start to focus on what the members of your team are so that you are successful when working in a group. Tuesday students played a game, see below.

Human Pit

This game has students working together in groups of 6. The object is to get 8 cards the same while buying and trading in the middle like the Stock Market. You don't want to end up with Bull card. It started off with cards of different colors until students realized they could guess the colors easily. The game became more difficult when they were given cards all the same color to try and sell and trade. Students had a lot of fun with this one!

Color Personality Test

What color are you: gold, green, orange or blue? Students took the color personality test to see what color they were and then read about the traits that went along with that. It helps when they're working in groups to know, just like the animal personality quiz, what type of person they're dealing with so they know how to work with them and be successful. Take the quiz below!
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Guess The Leader/Copycat

On Thursday, January 17 students played the game Guess the Leader/Copycat where one person was sent out and one person in the group is the leader that everyone has to copy. The guesser must figure out who the leader is. We timed students to see who could guess the best, even the teachers got in on the action! It was so much fun!
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STEM Challenges

The week of January 22-25 students completed STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) challenges in advisory for badges. They had a blast doing these in their teams!


At the end of January students got an introduction to their next project called EcoArt where they will choose an ecological issue that is important to them, write a persuasive essay about it and create an artistic medium depicting their topic. Students were introduced to the project doing a cookie activity to represent extraction of resources on our earth (see photos below).

Ms. Bryant

8th GT Advisory



Ms. Cowan

8th GT Advisory



Events Coming Up...

Spring GT Evaluation Pick Up

Wednesday, May 22nd, 8am to Friday, May 24th, 4pm

415 Oak Run Point

New Braunfels, TX

These are the dates for the next GT evaluation pick up day. Thank you!

Amanda Hunt, Librarian and NBISD Secondary GT Facilitator

Please contact me or your child's advisory teacher if you have any questions or concerns about the GT program at ORMS.

Blake Haygood

Blake is our district's K-8 GT Specialist working with teachers on trainings and differentiation in the classroom.
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