Dragster project

Drew McDermid


-speed is the rapidity of movement or action.or the ability to get to one place to another in a short period of time.

-The effects the car designs had on speed were the way the car designed.like the arrow dynamics of it plus the weight of car and how smoothly the wheels spin through the axles.

-Modeling helps by putting the picture of the car in your mind before you actually make it plus so you screw up when you actually make it.


-the factors of having a successful launch is the size of the launch hole plus making sure the screws on the bottom were lined up.

-the best features i think of my car were the paint job.....cause it had the stripes of a tiger and that makes it cool

-I think one thing that effected the performance of the car was the weight it could have been lighter and more arrow dynamic.

-I think my car went like 4 maybe 5 MPH it seemed pretty slow.


-things that turned out well was the fact that it actually worked.even though it did lose both times

-I enjoyed probably making it the most considering it lost but it was fun making it

-the weight and arrow dynamics of it could have been better. i would improve the weight and how smoothly it went

-my least favorite part was when we had to make it on the computers that was pretty boring