Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

April 8th

Fairy Tales and Story Elements

This week we are reading some classic fairy tales and reviewing our story elements. Story elements such as characters, setting, problem, solution, beginning, middle, end and important details help us to understand our story better and really help us with our comprehension. We are also learning about how Fairy Tales have their own special elements such as Royal and evil characters, magic, specials beginnings and endings, etc. We practiced finding all these elements in Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Rumplstilskin, and more. Finally we wrote our own fairy tale as a class using all the important fairy tale elements!

Skills Learned This Week


This week the students worked on understanding capacity. We talked about capacity and how we can use many different containers to measure capacity. We learned vocabulary terms like empty, full, half full, etc. We discussed measuring in nonstandard and standard units of measure. We read books, practiced predicting and filling containers with beans, and worked in our math books.


This week the students practiced the Scientific Method. We learned the different steps to conducting an experiment and why they are important. We read a funny book about experiments that failed and got some good ideas for experiements. We also conducted an experiment as a class. Our question...How many pennies will it take to sink a foil, Lego, straw, or Popsicle stick boat? We practiced each step of the scientific process.

Social Studies

This week the students worked on using some social studies vocabulary. We talked about past, present and future and related it to our time in kindergarten. We also used positional words. We played charades, drew a picture following positional direction words and made a book!

Chick and Duck Eggs

Our eggs have arrived and they are nice and cozy in their incubators growing and getting stronger. We are very excited to get our first peek inside our eggs next week! Please remember to follow all of our rules to help keep our eggs safe! Chicks will hatch beginning April 25th and Ducks will hatch beginning May 1st.

Specials and SAT 10 TESTING

Next week the elementary school will have their testing week so there will not be specials on Wednesday, April 13th. The following week is our testing week. We will test all morning Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will be attending specials classes on Wednesday, April 20th. It will be a nice little break from all the sitting they will be doing!

Upcoming Events

Science Fair

Thursday, April 14th @ 3:00pm

SAT 10 Testing Week

April 18th - 22nd

Kline Creek Farm Field Trip

Monday, April 25th

Quarter 4 Ends

Friday, May 20th

Graduation Day

Friday, May 27th @1:30pm