Aerospace Engineering

Braden Ritchie

What is Aerospace Engineering?

Is a field of engineering that deals primarily with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. Within the field there are two branches: aeronautical and astronautical engineering both of which deal with the designing of air crafts.

Starting Salary- $62,459


A minimum of a Bachelor's degree is required in aerospace engineering or in another field of engineering or science that is related to it.

Daily activities as an Aerospace Engineer

  • Design and inspect airplanes shuttles
  • Supervising the assembly of parts and air frames
  • Participate in test that determine fuel efficiency, rate of climb, maneuverability and fixing any problems that might arise during these tests
  • Modifying and improving safety features
  • Project managing
  • Developing repair procedures

Why am I interested?

I really enjoy solving problems and have always found something very interesting about airplanes and space shuttles. I would like to discover how they work and how I can improve their designs.
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