Wilson Disease

By Nick Straka

Some stuff about Wilson Disease

The disease cause people to have too much copper in them. The copper comes from food. You are suppose to have copper in you but the Wilson disease cause you too have too much. The copper you get can cause you to have organ failure or you can kill you.

How can you get this disease

A way you get it is when you inherited it from your mom and dad. But, you have to get the DNA of this disease from both your mom and dad.

What can a doctor do to help this disease

If they get help right a way they can stop the disease so it is a most gone. If you do not have it treat at first then you may have liver failure and will have to have a liver transplant.

How a doctor can treat this disease

One way is that you can take one of two pills that will help with the copper. How it helps is that it puts it in your blood to fitter it out of you.

Two important things

One is that 1 in every 30,000 people can get it. It can cause you your life if not treat.