ELC Newsletter

March 14th, 2014

Safety Drill Notes for Review

On Monday, March 10th, 2014, we held the Safety Drill and a few topics came up where we can improve a little bit. The inside windows should not be covered, as police and administration will need to be able to see in. We also must make sure that the doors are locked during lockdown. Being that this was in the afternoon, we also worked out where students in the Gym or in Art could be as well. Finally, the All Clear was not immediately heard by at least two classes. We will go door to door after a drill and check in with students and staff, so people are aware the drill has ended.

We also have the unique perspective of having napping babies in Daycare here. On the advice of Mr. Kubisch and Officer Hendrix, it was decided that it would be less interruption, to pull the shade and lock doors, rather than to wake up the babies and have them crying. I want to thank everyone for remaining so calm and to all the students too. The more we practice, we will be prepared! Thanks to Mr. Kubisch and Officer Hendrix for helping us out with this as well!

OASYS Updates

When you look at your Documentation Log, under the last standard of Professionalism, you see see that the Professional Development Log and Parent Communication Log are required artifacts for that standard. This is just a slight change as last year they were separate items to upload.

Dates coming due:

May 15th: Documentation Log

Summer Cleaning for ELC

This year for our summer cleaning, our building will be first. Mr. Mand and his maintenance crew will begin cleaning ELC on June 9th, 2014. It will likely take two full weeks. Some of you will be moving supplies out for summer school, over to BAMS, but it is good to know when our cleaning will be done.


Early Release went well and gave all of you time to begin to work more on District Initiatives. Some worked on Curriculum Companion, and others worked in OASYS. The next Early Release is on April 9th. We will join the FLC team and learn about STAR assessments which will be replacing MAPS in Math and Reading.

The Kindergarten Program

I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you for helping out with the Kindergarten Spring Program. With all the plans, and hours of practice and preparation, it comes off SOO cute, and so well done, so here is my list of thank yous:

Mrs. Sales; Mrs. Vanderwynen; Mrs. Seidl; Mrs. Roach; Mrs. Weston; Mrs. Dobbs

Mrs. Tilleman; Mrs. Bednar; Mrs. Heiberger; Mrs. Katarincic; Mr. Hock; Mrs. Forbes;

ALC Students; Mr. Chisholm; Mr. Mand; Mrs. Schulze; Mrs. Freimund; Mrs. Gilbertson; Mrs. Brandt; Mrs. Hayes; Mrs. Hock; Mrs. Milanowski

Again a great job! Well done!

My Out of ELC Schedule

3/17/2014: 7:15 FLC PST; Dr.;s appointment in am, Back at ELC by 10:30

3/18/2014; AM observations at HMHS;

3/19/2014: 7:45 ELL District Wide Meeting; 9:00 Admin Meeting; PM at ELC

3/20/2014: Medical appointment; Rest of Day at ELC; 4K Informational Meeting at ELC Cafeteria at 6:00-7:30 PM

3/21/2014: DMR all day: Fundations and Wilson Training Day with Special Education Teachers

3/24, -3/28: I am taking a vacation week.

Thursday, March 20th 2014

My daughter Stacy will be here for Disability Awareness Month. She is available to come to classrooms for 5-10 minutes for a little bit to help students learn about wheelchairs, cerebral palsy, and augmentative communication usages of the IPad.