"Need to Knows" About Shelters

By Julie Hollensbe

What does a shelter do?

A shelter protects you from the sun, wind, rain, snow, hot/cold temperatures, insects, and even your enemies

How do I know where to build my shelter?

Your area must be...

  • large enough
  • level enough
  • free from insects, reptiles, poisonous plants
  • camouflaged

When considering a shelter site, use the word BLISS as your guide..

B- blend in with your surroundings

L- low silhoutte

I- irregular shape

S- small

S- secluded location

What are some things I should consider before I build my shelter?

  • How much time and effort you will need
  • If the material will protect you from elements (sun, wind, snow, rain)
  • If you have the right tools to build it
  • If you have enough materials

One last thing to keep in mind...

The most common error in making a shelter is making it too large! It needs to be large enough to protect you, but small enough to contain your body heat, especially in colder weather!